Cantilevered stairs

Cantilevered stairs are one  of Sillers´ specialties 

One of Siller´s modern design stairs is the cantilevered staircase Europa which can be manufactured in various different materials, shapes and finishes. Usually the cantilevered treads have an angular shape and are available in any kind of timber. They are fixed at a straight wall with no visible fixing element and no railing at all or minimalistic glass or stainless steel railings. In addition Siller stairs offers variations like for instance the cantilevered staircase in concrete. The thickness of such treads can be decreased to 60mm (till width 995mm) which is quite thin compared to standard thicknesses of 130mm each tread. For commercial stair projects the width can be increased to 1500mm (thickness starting at 100mm depending on load requirements). Suitable for curved or helical stair shapes are the cantilevered steps in conical shape. Hereby the down side of the steps is leveled and decreasing its thickness towards the stair eye. This shape can be achieved in all wood types, in concrete or artificial materials like Corian and acrylic.


Free standing cantilevered stair for entrance hall

Go Up

Floating corian stairs


Cantilevered stairs, glass railing with custom pattern


Cantilevered stair with glass treads

Cantilevered stairs in Acrylic

Unreal cantilevered stairs in acrylic


Cantilevered stair design

Europa art

Old fashined helical stair with artwork

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