Stairs in Corian

Stairs in Corian| exquisite taste

Corian is registered trademark and stands for mineral composite material, produced and designed by DuPont. Corian is basically being used for the production of countertops of worktops, nevertheless does it comes in handy and is being used also in the construction of storefronts, interior design and of course for staircases. Especially because of its solid quality is Corian perfectly suitable for the manufacturing of treads and claddings. The surface is very hard, resistant and set up to sustain. Due to its translucency feature illuminating the treads from the core, with LED, won't be an impossible quest, combined with infinite possibilities when it comes to the color of choice. Mostly the material comes in plain white, though any other desired color is possible.

If you desire to have a white stair in your home or office space and has a very reduced look CORIAN might be the right choice for you. It is much more suitable for the use of treads than white lacquered wood or steel. Get more information about the mineral composite material Corian by DuPont 

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