All glass stair in Puerto Rico

At one of the most beautiful spots on this planet, namely at Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico, a tremendous luxury Villa has been constructed under the management of the leading architect and Siller partner Mario Montilla. Directly next to the main entrance there is a two story high glass façade which offers a free sight to our all glass staircase. The conceptual idea was to let as much natural light into the building as possible. With this glass staircase the concept has been turned into reality.

The stair is engineered to comply with high earthquake standards. Functionality and aesthetics are truly united in this creation.

Apart from that Siller stairs has designed and installed an internal glass balcony with curved glass railings. The floating balcony is being supported by a custom glass beam design by Siller. The client and the architect have been very impressed with our performance on this project: “…it is much more than we had expected!” (Mario Montilla)