Architectural glass project Surrey

This amazing plot is located at the rim of a small town on Surrey, UK. As you can see from the pictures it is surrounded by a hood. Instead of just building the house on the flat ground the builder dug a whole to create a slope from which you have amazing view to the trees. The combination of natural elements with the most modern architecture makes this house so attractive. We created a bunch of architectural elements in glass for this project from the scratch. Apart of the main and the secondary staircases, which are both in all glass, Siller designed and engineered the main glass façade, the entrance portal and door and the glass walkway right between the door and the stairs. Each element was a challenge for itself and we stretched the boarders of feasibility to the edge. Most impressive is the main staircase design FLY which has a colossal impact on the entire living and entrance area. The staircase itself has an elliptic shape which is difficult to realize with bend glass. Therefore we have used out self-developed lamination technique with segmented glass panels. As you can see on the installation images above also the fabrication and installation of the main glass façade was a challenge for itself. The middle panel is almost six meter high and 2.9meter wide. Due to conditions on the site we had to lift the entire façade above the house to the designated spot. The façade is fully developed and suitable for low energy buildings. Bullet Points:  Total weight of glass used for this project 5000kg The glass façade has measurements of 5900x2900mm The main staircase has an elyptical shape and is in all glass The glass walkway has not steel frames, entire framework in glass Furthermore the entrance portal was design and developed by Christian Siller as well. Architectural characteristics from the interior and exterior were taking into account. Whereas the inside of the house is very modern, the outside looks more like a traditional English country home. To adjust to this concept you cannot see any framework of the door when you look at it from the inside. All frames are recessed into the house structure. But from the outside you see the same frames which have been used for the other windows of the entire house. Find the entrance portal video here on YouTube