Floating stairs

Floating stairs are our specialty. For years we are improving our self supporting stairs to make the look lighter and more floating. With an open plan floating staircase design you can let the light flood through the rooms or into the basement and at the same time it is an eye-catcher. Your visitors will be amazed when they enter the house and stand in front of a stunning staircase with levitating treads in wood, glass, concrete or even acrylic, just supported by a thin looking glass or not at all. 

Floating stair constructions can be used for commercial or residential projects. Very often stairs with floating treads do have hidden attachments or structural glass to make them look like they are floating. Unfortunately it is not possible to build real floating indoor staircases. But with attention to detail and precise planning it is possible to create the illusion of a floating stair. Take a look to what we have done so far.

With glass you can also easily create floating elements within the stair design. For example you may see a floating mirror, a floating wood frame or other sculptural objects with leather cladding. At the below models you can find many floating stair images with various of options. 


Not what you are looking for? Well, then your might find the stair of your choice right here: