Design Stairs

Staircase design at its best!

To design a staircase is a very special disciplin. Structural requirements must be considered as well as confortability and the over all design. Various materials and finishes are on the table and the right combination of all of the options availabe makes a master piece design staircase

Since all our stairs are focused on design and details you will find most of our models here. Functionality paired with design – that is top class staircase manufacture. Siller sees staircases as a piece of furniture, a representative sculpture and a work of art for a building. Design stairs should be inviting, attractive and inspiring! This philosophy means that each design is specially planned for the needs and situation of the customer and produced as a unique. Hereby the designs can reach from modern stairs to classic stairs

Our staircase designer Chrisitan Siller ist always considering the entire conditions of the project and the general goal for the interior fit out. Based on all information available we will come up with a design solution which suits to your requirements. If you are looking for a company to come up with a totally new and innovative design idea we are offering our design service or a feasibility study. The feasibility study is the right element for interior designers or architects who tend to design things at the edge of feasibility. Siller helps to find the way throught the challanging structural and aesthetical topics. 

Of course our customers can also choose from a selection of design staircases which we have built in the past. Find our staircase designs below: 

Mistral Bronze - glass staircase with bronze colored glass

All glass staircase with bronze colored glass

design glass stair chicago

Design glass stair with stringers in one piece

Floating waves

Wellenförmige Stufen in Kombination mit Glas

Mistral Twin

All glass stair design

Cobra Gold

Extraordinary stair design with golden treads


Extraordinary helical stair designs

Cobra White

Exclusive staircase with white materials

Mistral Berlin

Helical all glass stair with black treads

Cantilevered stairs in Acrylic

Surreale Kragarmtreppe mit Stufen aus Acryl


Seamless helical or spiral stair design, all colors and stucko possible

Zig Zag stair modern curved

Modern zig zag design staircase


All glass spiral stair

Zig Zag slim

Structural glass stair with closed risers


Cantilevered stair design


Helcial stair design with straight segmented glass

Mistral Londra Mix

All glass staircase with LED

Europa Art

Old fashined helical stair with artwork


Classic stair design helical shape

Londra Float

Innovatives Glastreppendesign OHNE Edelstahlbeschläge, Stufen aus Glas oder Holz

Mistral Spider

All glass staircase design supported by glass balustrade, which is strongly connected with Siller spider connectors

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Free standing all glass stair

All glass staircase with landing

All glass staircase with landing

Fly mini

Helical stair design for small spaces

Sevilla Glass Curve

Curved, light stair solution with glass treads


Innovative all glass staircase with NO stainless steel hardware

Zig-Zag Straight

Straight wooden Zig-Zag design with glass balustrade

Mistral Iluma

Glass treads with LED lighting


Classic structural glass and wooden steps design

Mistral curve

Curved structural glass stair design

Mistral Float

Free standing floating glass stair

Sciria Clarity

Spiral staircase with clear glass steps

Mistral Black

All glass stair with black treads


Reduced stair design in white


Classic stair design with handmade balustrade

Mistral Spiral Glass

Spiral all glass design

Mistral Spiral

Spiral design to maximizes the walking width

Not what you are looking for? Well, then you might find the stair of your choice right here: