All-glass staircases

This is the section where we show you more stairs with glass treads and glass railings. Both in glass we call an “all-glass” staircase.

Hereby the stairs can be straight or turned with landing, curved or helical. Also spiral stairs with central colum have been developed. All shapes are possible. The railings can be used as glass walls or just running upwards besides the staircase. Your imagination has almost no borders with stairs in structural glass.

Very often we are using the extra white glass with low iron. It has no green color touch even if it is very thick. This makes the stair almost invisible. For instance if you choose to have timber treads they almost look like flying because you can barely see the structural railing.

Further possible features for glass stairs are treads with LED lights in changing colors or privacy glass which is getting dark when you walk on it. We do work with latest technology to fulfill your dreams.

If you want to see more variations with glass you can go to our glass stairs gallery or to the section where we are showing other stair models with glass parts.


Our all-glass stair models:

Model: Mistral, all glass solution

Description: All-glass staircase with structural glass railings and glass treads; commercial and residential use possible; free floating design; custom made; straight stair; glass landing and glass railing;

Projects: Cortina , Langerwehe , Cologne


Model: Sky-Screw

Description: Spiral stair with glass treads; structural glass; innovative staircase; staight or curved glass railing; tread material also in wood or "high tech" concrete; residential or commercial use; custom design;

Projects: Regensburg

Model: Fly

Description: Structural glass stair for large entrance halls or living rooms; the stair turns upwards with two sides glass railing; treads in wood or glass; helical staircase; curved or segmented glass balustrade

Projects: Surrey, UK , New York (coming soon)

Model: Londra

Description: Glass staircase with 100% glass, no steel or stainless steel hardware for structural support, treads in wood or glass,

Projects: London (coming soon)

Model: Rio

Description: free standing, self-supporting glass stair, asymetric shape, technical style,

Projects: Los Angeles

Model: Ghost

Description: Cantilevered glass staircase, glass treads, walls cladded with glass panels (also plaster boards or other wall finish possible), no visible screws or hardware, with LED or without, 

Projects: Frankfurt Penthouse

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