Modern stairs and design staircases by Siller


Stairs with Italian design and German quality from Siller in South Tyrol

We do what we love and we love to build extraordinary staircases

Siller is a family run business since 1958.

Siller Stairs provides architectural stair designs, manufacturing and installation to clients around the world. We guide our clients from the very first idea of a design until the finished and installed product.  We like the challenge to work on special projects and find solutions where others can´t. Hereby we do offer our clients a range of modern designs and contemporary staircase designs, custom made and engineered to the specific requirements of the project.

Our stair models reach from modern to classic and residential to commercial. Amongst others we use the materials wood, glass, steel and concrete. Mr. Siller and the development team are researching continuously on new materials and connections to make our staircases lighter, more floating, more impressive and a piece of art, charming for its environment. Learn more about our staircase-philosophy


Visualizations and conceptual design service for stairs

We offer home builders, architects and contractors the opportunity to create a 3D visualization in phtorealistic quality for their stair design concepts. During the process we do a structural survey to confirm the feasibility of the design idea. read more about the Stair Design Service

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Glass stairs...

simplicity and elegance glass stairs by Siller

More about our project in the UK

Stairs with glass walls...

and floating treads Mistral


Helical stairs

Our exclusive helical staircase design COBRA. Here with treads in leave gold! The project 

Glass stairs

Innovations with glass and stairs! Our model Londra is an all glass staircase which is built to 100% with glass! We are NOT using any steel elements for structural support or to connect the treads to the railing. 

Here you find our staircase brochures to look at or for download

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