Stairs as work of art? That's how it's done:

We see the stairs as works of art and sculptures that beautify your living space. Our motivation is to achieve the best possible result for every situation through creativity. It is important for us to create a unique piece that is tailored to the individual situation and requirement.

With more than 50 years of experience in staircase construction, the company Siller can draw on a wealth of experience in dealing with many different materials. Especially with wood and glass, but also in the refinement of metals or the use of exotic materials such as corian, carbon or glass fiber reinforced plastics, we have designed individual stair solutions.

Creativity plays a major role in the design process of the staircase. Here are materials that have never been combined or used in a way that was not previously thought. Always everything taking into account the local conditions and the expectations of our customers.

Also the rule of craftsmanship is the prerequisite to fully exploit the design possibilities. Only through a good team of employees, partners and manufacturers is it possible for us to realize the full potential with so many different materials.

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Here are some examples of our work:

Space Diamond

Surreale Kragarmtreppe mit Stufen aus Acryl

Cobra Gold

Extraordinary stair design with golden treads

Floating waves

Wellenförmige Stufen in Kombination mit Glas

Glass stairs Chicago

Design glass stair with stringers in one piece


Classic stair design with handmade balustrade


Helical stairs made of carbon fiber