Spiral glass stairs

Spiral stairs| safe the space with style

Spiral stairs with glass have either glass treads, glass railing or both in glass. In our selection you do find the classic spiral staircase Sciria with glass treads and stainless steel spindles and handrail and we have developed an staircase called “Sky-Screw”. This one is an all glass staircase and the glass treads consist of several layers all in different shapes. By looking at it you get the feeling as if the treads are rotating up or down. The railing can either be in curved or straight glass pieces, hanging from the ceiling or fixed to the treads, depending on the site situation. Both stairs can also be made with wood or concrete treads. Spiral glass stairs can be used in commercial or residential buildings. Not to mention that we are very flexible in design here as well and can adjust details to your requirements and expectations.


All glass spiral stair

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