Special stairs

Special stairs| unique for sure

Special wishes of our clients are serious to us. Siller stairs is even taking it a step further and creates stairs with special requirements in terms of design and engineering. Each house either has its own characteristics which has to be addressed individually.

Contact us with your own specific ideas and will give you suggestions for the design and different materials suitable to your special staircase. Amongst others “special” can mean very wide or tall, new artificial surfaces and materials or just an adjustment to the special shape or purpose of a room. Hereby we take into account country and region codes so that permissions and supply of structural calculations are guarantied.

“Special is normal” – Here you can see some of our special staircases:


Surreale Kragarmtreppe mit Stufen aus Acryl

Mistral Spiral

Spiral design to maximizes the walking width


All glass spiral stair

Europa Art

Old fashined helical stair with artwork

Mistral Magic

Stairs like magic!

Implementing elements into structural glass looks like magic but it is just structural engineering. Let the magic work on you!

Here a floating mirror!

Not what you are looking for? Well, then your might find the stair of your choice right here: