glass staircase with seamless glass stringer, Chicago

For this project in Chicago, once again we were allowed to provide an extraordinary solution for an all glass stair design. Different individual an each for its own outstanding details came together within this staircase design which makes it a unique and a master piece.

All glass edges are high gloss polished and let nothing to wish for in terms of exclusivity. The entire hardware parts are in-laminated into the glass and have been reduced in size to emphasize the slender a minimal design. Moreover, the glass stringers as well as all gallery railing are seamless with a length of up to 6.5meters (approx. 22´). The edges of the glass in the corners of the gallery are all mitered and therefore create the perfect transition of one panel to the other.

All in all we went to the edge of feasibility with the crafted details. We thank all our employees and partners who have been working with us on this project. With their motivation and their devotion to perfectness such a result would not have been possible.