Exclusive design stairs Miami

House owner: “The stairs are much better than we had expected… I can´t stop looking at them”

This was a compliment of the client we have accepted gratefully. Those stairs are more a sculpture than a functional architectural piece. So many wonderful and complex details have been united within this design. Starting at the basic shape of the stairs and continuing to the selection of the wood and ending with the choice of the finish for the strings. Each element for itself has a special attraction. The country Florida is very strict with its building codes and regulations. Actually the space available for the stairs was too small to fit a stair which is functional and esthetically appealing at the same time. A great compliment goes to our development and design team. Creating such an extraordinary design stair despite the difficult conditions we had to face is a remarkable accomplishment.

This project has been realized in cooperation with our US partner:

Frank Miano at IPCScorp.
NewYork 18-12 130th
Street College Point,
NY 11356
+1 347 4913833