Big all glass stair California

This job was a real pleasure because we had the opportunity to work in sunny California, USA. We had to use various types of different machines to lift the glasses into the house. The glass crates weigh up to 2000kg and can be moved by forklift or crane only. Once the glass panels have arrived in the house they have to be transporter to the installation location piece by piece. Only by finest coordination between all participating persons it is possible to move all glasses inside the house without to damage them. Precision job is required when you install glass staircases. Instead of working with wood or steel the tempered glass panels cannot be treated at the site. You have to work with what you get. If the glass is missing 2mm to the right location at the floor, you might not be able to place the next panel because the displacement is increasing. Glass stairs are demanding the most from every involved person, started with the sales man, every planer, the transporter and the installer. With thank too many years experience and in cooperation with the finest glass manufactures and glass engineers we are able to provide such outstanding quality of technical knowhow and materials.