Villa Lago - the Glass House

The project Villa Lago is a study on the usability of glass as a supporting element for individual house constructions. As the glass technology progresses, glass can not be used only for the construction of stairs, but it could serve as a supporting element for floor slabs and entire roofs. This opens up completely new possibilities for modern architecture, which is barely recognized and seldom implemented according to our perspective. Close to nature and within its own four walls yet, innovative home technology controlled by the use of renewable energy, healing home-climate through state-of-the-art ventilation systems and privacy in bathrooms and bedrooms through privacy glass technology, this glasshouse offers you all. Luxury and comfort at the highest level. Hereby, individual rooms, conservatories and even entire houses with load-bearing glass elements can be individually planned and built. We are happy to help you with our experience in constructive glass construction to realize your ideas.