glass landing, bridge and floor

Frameless glass landings with glass beam support

With our frameless glass landing which is supported by glass beams only, we take the transparency to a new level. 

Siller Stairs - always good for a floating experience

helical staircase gold treads

Helical staircase with leave gold

For an exclusive project in Tunisia we have been asked to build a helical staircase with treads wrapped in leave gold. 


Crystal clear acrylic steps with sharp edges adjusted with LED lightning in various colors gives an impression of real gems.

design staircase

New model: "Floating waves"

The designer staircase "floating waves" is manufactured with a wave shaped bottom side. In combination with the structural glass it has a very design focused look. 

modern stairs

Want a modern stair?

Then you found the right company! We are passionate about constructing modern and contemporary design staircases. All our designs are custom made and are fitted into its environment. You have a choice of many materials like wood, glass and concrete. 

classic staircase

Classic stairs

Classic stairs for a special taste.


All glass staircase with NO steel hardware. It is built to 100% in glass and features LED lightning

free standing cantilevered staircase

Siller announces new model introduction "Anaconda"

The Anaconda design is a free standing cantilevered staircase without any stringers at all. The design is featured with a curved glass railing. 

Corian stair

Helical stairs and floating stairs in Corian

Corian is a mineral composite material, designed by DuPont. Due to its high solidity is it perfectly suitable for treads and surfaces. Its translucency feature gives the possibility to illuminate the treads from the inside with LED.


Winner in the category "EXTRAVAGANT"

Siller Stairs has been announced as the winner of the yearly competition from www.treppen.de in the category "extravagance". Our stair Golden Cobra was unbeatable in terms of challenge and exclusivity. Read the article

glass stairs and glass facade

Glass, glass .... and glass

You what to know what you can do with structural glass? We show you! Huge frameless glass facades, all glass stairs, glass walkways with glass beams for support or the entire house in glass? Get in touch with our experts to find out what we can do for you!

cantilevered staircase in acrylic

Cantilevered staircase in acrylic

One of the most impressive projects of the last year was the cantilevered staircase in acrylic which we have built for a residential project in Rom, Italy. Because the surface of acrylic is very easily scratched the top side of the treads is protected by a glass plate with black sandblasted pattern. 

social media

Social Media

Stay in touch with us through our social media channels and get regular updates on ongoing and completed projects as well as for innovations in the stair building art. FACEBOOK, GOOGLE+, TWITTER

Galileo, Siller Treppen Pro7

Reportage on news channel Galileo, Pro7

We were very proud has we heard that the well know German news channel Galileo on Pro7 wants to film a reportage about our innovative all glass stair system LONDRA. See the film at our model page. 

seamless structural glass string for staircase

Structural glass stairs with seamless strings between 6000mm - 8000mm

When it comes to seamless structural glass strings for floating stairs many reach their limits. Trust our expertise in the design, production, logistics and installation of structural glass strings above 6000mm

all glass stair

Innovations with glass

This stair is built to 100% in glass. No stainless steel hardware as been used to attach the treads to the stringer. Furthermore the treads can be light up with LED. 

staircase with floating mirror

Mistral Magic

Floating items within a glass structure like a mirror or a wooden frame create and unreal feeling and an attraction for the eye.