Manufacture of stairs

As a traditional family business with over 60 years of experience in the manufacture and assembly of stairs, the company has gone through many phases. From a manufacturing company in the wood sector with 35 employees in production, the company Siller has specialized over the past few years. Individual elements of stairs were increasingly outsourced and given to other handicraft companies, which are the best in their segment. This allowed the Siller company to focus more and more on design and product development. The result of this development is more outstanding designs that have been brought onto the market with innovative technology and new materials. We always act on the principle that the cooperation with our partners is conducted according to high social and ethical standards. We have extremely high standards when it comes to processing materials and the end product. For this we pay a fair price that allows all companies to reward their employees accordingly for the service they provide. We expect the same from our customers.

The development of prototypes and individual parts of our stairs takes place in our in-house workshop with the participation of Mr. Siller and our manager in the technical area.

Siller stairs are delivered almost all over the world. Our designs and the materials used range from classic materials such as wood, steel and glass to exotic materials such as Corian and carbon or elaborate surface finishes of metal such as bronze or platinum. Depending on the location of the project and the required materials, we work with the most suitable companies to achieve a perfect result. Siller transfers its own know-how and coordinates the cooperation between different manufacturers. Our partners are exclusively European craft businesses with a size of 10-40 men. This size guarantees enough flexibility in the production process to implement the unusual wishes of our customers. By working with Siller, you benefit from the experience and capacity of a fine network that can adapt to your requirements.

You can get some impressions from the production here: