Glass facades


Frameless glazing and windows open up new horizons and fulfill highest requests of exclusive architectural design. Esthetic and functionality The borderless installation of our constructions makes it possible to live trendsetting. Besides the esthetic also the comfort of living is increased. Using special bearings and axes in stainless steel with closed bodies (SKF/RMB) allows it to reach the world wide unique running characteristics. A sliding door with 180kg total weight is movable with the use of less than 20 Nm (2kg) power. Furthermore the elements can also be moved electrically. Reduction to the maximum The glazing finishes are carried out in thermal separated light metal system profiles. The extruded profiles in corrosion resistant aluminum alloy (Al, Si, Mg 0,5) is thermally insulated with rolled up polyamide. The surface finish is a choice of natural anodized, grounded stainless steel design but also powder coated with RAL-, NCS- or anthracite –metal –color scale. Uncompromising simplicity for highest demands With compliments to the filigree and modular conception our glass windows are equally to use for new buildings, renovations and small or huge widths and in the interior or facade area. Even a variety of biggest sliding elements, which either are matching each other, vanishing noiseless into a wall or can slide from a corner with no posts, can be inserted. The view through the light flooded room to the nature is free even through the closed sliding elements. The floor channels and surrounding frames usually are incorporated in the floor, the ceiling and the lateral walls. Innovative minimal windows – Swiss made FineLine is the next generation of filigree glazing. It is worldwide the first filigree glazing beneath minergie-standard with minimal notions and unreached data. By using high insulated glasses (Ug 0,5W/m2k) it is possible to satisfy the requirements of individuals with the highest demands to modern architectural masterpieces. Highest acoustic insulation merits. Hit and bullet proof glazing is possible with this system. The sliding characteristics are excellent also for big glass windows. Experience and know-how FineLine window systems are manufactured from professionals according all rules of craftsmanship with latest technology. But also the best technique does not help if you do not employ the right people, who understand their profession. Practical realization Integrate us in the planning stage in time. The installation of the frameless glass windows has to be taken into account during the planning process. We are happy to advise you to create the right requirements. The premium window for architecture in pure culture Our filigree windows emerge from quality, design and passion. Burglary prevention device of the highest standard. Thank to surveillanced more point locking combined with appropriate security systems and bullet proof laminated glass FineLine offers the optimum of security. Unlimited views We set consequently on quality and functionality of our filigree glasses with full isolated, termic separated finish: -maximum reduction of the glazing profile with highest possible incidence of light -simple handling and maintenance -great flexibility of applications -automatic sliding doors with frame integrated drive An eye for the entire thing and the love for the detail Architecture reaches new dimensions: Greatness and task identity determine the creation of rooms. Precision and perfection determine the detail. Besides of the filigree sprouts the view is unrestricted