Enquiry - Order

This is your way to a SILLER staircase:

1) Enquiry

You are interested in our stairs or work on a project beyond your experience and capabilities? Then just send us the entire layout and sections of the building and some sketches or pictures of the stair design you are after and we will get in touch with you right away. As well as for new built and remodeling projects we can assist you. “A picture tells more than 1000 words” – Shoot some pictures of the current situation and send those to us. With pleasure we advise you first via telephone and later face to face at the building site. 

2) Quotation 

After we have received all necessary information we will provide a free quotation. Since there are often long distances between you and us we ask for your understanding that we cannot meet you at the site or in your office before you have confirmed that you want to go ahead and work with Siller Stairs. Exceptions are possible in regions which are getting serviced by Siller Stairs official partners. For more information visit our contact page. Or lays your project within or beyond the borders of feasibility? We can answer to that within our feasibility study.

3) Contracting

Simply sign our quotation and provide invoice and delivery details. We will start to work on your project right away!

4) Procedure during project phase

One of our experienced designers develops the design concepts and all structural details made to measure. We supply technical drawings in DWG and PDF format which we ask you to approve before we go ahead with the fabrication. With pleasure we can also supply photorealistic 3D images prior to production. Learn more about our visualization service. Especially for commercial projects and stair projects at the edge of feasibility engineering and structural calculations are very important. The stair does not only have to look stunning but also has to comply with all local regulation and physical barriers. Depending on individual code requirements the project phase is being supported by a local engineer to be sure that structural details are being designed to comply with the regulations for commercial or residential projects. Of course if you do with us a feasibility study those details are being clarified during the study phase.

5) Supply and installation

With experience and reliable international freight companies Siller stairs are being trucked and shipped over the entire world. Please take into account that the transportation time can take up to 6 weeks depending on the destination of the staircase. Speak to us in the early phase of your project to make sure that the stairs arrive in time.

6) Installation

Our well educated and experienced installation team travels around the world to be able to serve you with the best possible performance at your location. However depending on project volume and complexity of the project it may also be possible to cooperate with local workers to do the installation. International installations can usually be performed starting at a project volume of 20.000,-€Euro Our tip: We can also send a supervisor to instruct your local craftsmen during installation!


And what comes next? First we hope that you are pleased and excited from our staircase. Hopefully it enhances your every day and workday life. Of course we offer guaranties for our product in line with local laws. Beyond that we guaranty that that you can talk to us any time if there are concerns or suggestions for improvement. After all we build stairs with passion and it is an affair of honor that the handcraft is performed perfectly and long lasting. CONTACT