Integrated architecture and design concepts

We understand the staircase as one piece of the big picture. Not only the stair and the stair well itself but also all adjoining rooms, walls and architectural elements need to be consistent and coordinated. Our aim is to create an integrated design concept. To accompany and guide you through this process for new builds and renovations we bring treasure of experience with us. With more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry we have developed complete houses and individual subsections of the same. This gives us a deeper insight into relations, character and impact from different materials and elements onto each other. You want to show your stair or stairwell with a new face? Use our experience in design as source of ideas. We supply you with ideas which can be transformed into reality with a small or big effort. Moreover, we have gained lots of experience by constructions with architectural glass like all glass walkways and bridges, glass floors and glass stairs as well as huge glass facades. If you wish, we can design and construct and individual entrance portal for you which is balanced to your taste in terms of materials and design.

Craftwork staircase construction

Building stairs is for us arts and crafts. Each part is individually crafted and receives the unique signature of the craftsmen. Due to our long term experience we can provide you solutions with different materials and finishes. Just to mention a few we do work often with wood, glass, steel and concrete but we have also lots of experience with finishes like gold, copper, silver and bronze. Although all our products, made by man or machine, are produced with the upmost care and professionalism, a tolerance of the finished product in terms of color and surface cannot always be avoided. Please relate to the suitable codes in your county or area to inform yourself about the valid regulations or get in touch with one of our partners who will be happy to advise you on that subject.

Our services

Siller Stairs is offering a choice of services which can support you with the design of an architectural staircase and its´ surrounding. These services are included by purchasing a staircase but can also be booked individually: Source of ideasFeasibility studyDesign serviceStaircase modelsRound glass elevator and stairs under one roofThe glass house – Villa Lago If you wish you learn more about the process from quote to order, please look here.