Foyer stairs

Your foyer is the focal point and promotes communication. It gives your living room a special touch. Sillertreppen support this feature.  We manufacture the foyer stairs made of wood, glass, concrete and steel exactly according to your ideas and wishes. We fulfill every requirement. Whether you prefer curved, edgy or rustic. Sillertreppen always has the excellent solution ready for you

Mistral Twin

All glass stair design

Mistral Berlin

Helical all glass stair with black treads

Mistral Twin transparent

All glass stair design


Helcial stair design with straight segmented glass

Mistral curve

Curved structural glass stair design

Cobra gold

Extraordinary stair design with golden treads


Free standing cantilevered stair for entrance hall

Not what you are looking for? Well, then you might find the stair of your choice right here: