Design Railings

We offer a choice of design railings in glass and other materials like wood and steel with different anchor methods. Many of our design railings are hand crafted and custom made.

Futuristic look bestows a glass balustrade with no visible hardware or anchor methods. As stair railing you can use either straight or segmented glass as well as infills in between stainless steel posts.

Are you looking for a design railing in glass or other materials for your residential or commercial project? You can choose from the selection below or send us your design ideas. We will be happy to provide out input about feasibility and costs right away.


design railing in wood and glass


Our design railing DROP keeps the promise of lightness, individuality and security. Many shapes can be realized. Want to see your trademark or brand within the railing design? With the DROP design it is possible

futuristic railing balustrade


The balustrade ORIGAMI is a mix of glass and wood. A three dimensional body, caped with a glass railing. Also here many shapes and styles are possible. Get in touch for further details!

modern balustrade


The CRYSTAL design has thin “V” lines polished into the surface of the glass balustrade. A variation of geometric shapes or logos may be implemented into this balustrade

Design railing


Self supporting design railing in different shapes and colors

railing segmented glass

Glass railing FLY

Segmented glass railing for curved and helical stairs

Classic railing design

Railing Moscow

Artistic railing design with stainless steel spindles and handcrafted horizontal bars

frameless glass railing

Glass railing Minimal

Frameless glass railing for modern stair projects

classic stair railing

Railing Amsterdam

Simple but elegant design railing

classic iron railing

Railing Venice

Classic design railing with hand hammered spindles and posts

curved glass railing

Curved glass railing

Curved glass railing

Exclusive stair railing

Railing Dubai

Exclusive stair railing

stair railing

Railing Liberty

Self supporting stair railing

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