Floating concrete treads as cantilevered stair design

Technical details: self supporting concrete treads, cantilevered steps in concrete ,special concrete mixture, "
high-tech" concrete for stability
treads produced to measure, width from 70cm to 150cm,
thickness 6cm to 10cm attachment to wall not visible,
wall stays concrete or cover with plaster board

Modern concrete designer stairs as interior or exterior stair

Self supporting concrete step passes the static load test in 2011: Just now the new development, a self supporting concrete stair has been loaded with 350kg and has passed the test. With only 6cm strength it is the thinnest self supporting concrete step on the market right now. The concrete stair has a very complex interior life. To let this work from the statically point of view we have used several additional components in a certain concentration and mixed it to the concrete. After several trials and errors we have been able to find the right composition and let the "high-tech" concrete step work. Design: By using LED lightened glass or a noble wood as finish the concrete stair becomes a ultra modern design. But also the exposed concrete is able to give you house the last grind and it is very up to date.