Standard staircase designs

Siller offers also a selection of standard system stair designs.

Our standard designs have affordable prices and can be installed easily by passionate handymen or your local carpenter. Even our standard designs are made to measure and available with a wide range of materials and finishes from timber to metal. Just send us your layouts or measurements and we will prepare a budget quote for you.

All standard designs can also be combined with each other and mixed up with additional materials like glass or stainless steel.

This is our selection of standard system staircases:



Model: Sciria
Type: spiral staircase

Description: classic spiral staircase, available with wood, glass or steel treads, railing as well in glass, wood or stainless steel

spiral stair, design stair, modern stair, glass stair, spiral glass stair


Model: Future-System
Type: string staircase

Description: Choice of wood or steel strings, laquered in RAL color, glass railing, available straight or with landing

string staircase, modern stair, design stair

Sevilla light

Model: Sevilla light
Type: self supporting staircase

Description: Light self supporting staircase with treads in wood, glass or concrete

self supporting staircase, standard design


Model: Sevilla
Type: self supporting staircase, handrail support

Desctiption: Light staircase with supporting handrail system, treads in wood, glass or concrete

self supporting stair, timber stair, standard design


Model: Athen
Type: Self supporting staircase with glass railing

Classic self supporting stair with modern glass railing

self supporting stair, glass stair, design stair, standard design, timber stair


Model: Classic
Type: Central stringer stair

Description: Classic central stringer staircase, industrial design, with stainless steel railing and glass inlays

central stringer stair, standard design, modern stair

Quebek Classic

Model: Quebek Classic
Type: Wood stair

Desctiption: Classic stringer stair in timber

wood stair, stringer stair, standard design, open stair


Model: Sydney
Type: Stringer staircase

Description: String staircase in wood with modern wood/stainless steel railing

string staircase, standard design, wood stair


Model: Nordic
Type: stringer staircase

Desctiption: Simple string staircase entirely in wood

wood stair, string stair, standard design

Superior light

Model: Superior light
Type: Steel string staircase

Description: Light steel string staircase with cut string and modern stainless steel railing with glass inlays

steel stairs, string stairs, standard designs, modern stairs

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